Docear: For Scientific Literature Management

In the field of research we encounter numerous useful articles. This plethora of literature, thus demands a methodical management. While I was struggling to find an efficient way to put all my articles into perspective, I came across ‘Docear’, which is described as a free and open source academic literature suite. After experiencing the simplicity and benefits of using Docear in academic projects, I was pleasantly surprised and equally tempted to write about it.The most appealing features of Docear, includes:
  1. Simple user-interface
  2. Ability to help create mind maps and link documents directly
  3. Seamless integration of PDFs along with their headings and custom annotations
  4. Powerful search, and
  5. Reference management (including support with MS word)
  6. Works with Windows, Mac and Unix. A further detailed list of features can be accessed from their official website.
Additionally, the website is equipped with tutorials and snapshots, which are very straight forward. I find this open-source project promising and I am hoping to receive timely updates for it in future.


Many kudos to the Docear team for developing this truly resourceful software suite.